Oct 20, 2017  Week: 42

Panola® Yellow & Purple Pansy

Scientific Name : Viola x wittrockiana

Common Name : Multiflora Pansy

Hardiness Degree : -10°F (-23.3°C)

Blooming Season : Early Spring, Spring, Autumn

Plant Habit : Mounded

Spacing : 8 - 12" (20 - 30cm)

Height : 6 - 8" (15 - 20cm)

Width : 8 - 10" (20 - 25cm)

Exposure : Partial Sun

Grower Information : 

A Cool Season Thrivers selection – the perfect partner to Pansy Pals™ varieties for early Spring and Autumn sales!

The Panola series is now more programmable, more predictable and just plain EASIER! Boasting a lineup of extremely well-matched varieties, all-new Panola genetics deliver a tight 5 to 7-day flowering window, very uniform habit and shorter peduncles across 15 colours and 9 mixes. This broad array of colours lets you mix and match any Panola variety to achieve the most uniform pansies crop based on customer needs, while the good selection of landscaper-friendly clear colours delivers the added benefit of creating custom mixtures.

Long considered the ultimate multi-season landscape and garden series for Spring and Autumn, Panola pansies – both and standard colours – continue to outperform standard medium-flowered varieties in all kinds of conditions. The exceptional overwintering ability makes Panola the best choice for overwintering guarantee pansy programs. Free-flowering, well-branched and compact, the early-blooming plants maintain their garden height with less stretch in warm climates. Plants produce an abundance of blooms for good flower show in the landscape. Supplied as primed seed for higher stands and better quality, as well as standard seed.

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