Nov 23, 2020  Week: 48

Red Velvet Edible Potted Tomato

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Scientific Name : Solanum lycopersicum

Common Name : Tomato

Blooming Season : Summer, Autumn, Winter, Late Summer, Late Spring, Spring

Plant Habit : Upright

Spacing : 10 - 12" (25 - 30cm)

Height : 6 - 8" (15 - 20cm)

Width : 6 - 8" (15 - 20cm)

Exposure : Sun

Grower Information : 
Seed supplied as: Raw.

Tomato Class : Small-Fruited

Type : Cherry

Habit : Compact Determinate

Tomato Colour : Red

Fruit Characteristics : Round, small

Fruit Size : 0.5-1 in./1-3 cm long x 0.5-1 in./1-3 cm wide

Days to maturity from transplant : 70-84

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  • Plant benefits from being grown dry. Support fruit weight by inserting sticks close to the central stem at the time of flowering.
  • Red Velvet provides beautiful red-coloured fruit that is deliciously sweet for your recipes! Smaller, more compact habit is perfect for 4 to 8 in./10 to 20 cm programs.

Plug crop time (weeks): 2-3
Potting to sale (weeks): 10-12
Pot size: 4-8 in./10-20 cm