Jan 20, 2018  Week: 3

Carmen Cassis Matthiola

Grower Information:

Scientific Name : Matthiola incana

Common Name : Stock

Blooming Season : Late Spring, Summer

Plant Habit : Upright

Height : 10 - 25" (25 - 64cm)

Exposure : Sun

Grower Information : 

The colour of ripe black currants.

  • Greenhouse-grown Matthiola are distinguished from field-grown types by the softer green leaves. NOTE: Selectable Matthiola will produce approximately 50% double-flowering types, but it is easy to select out the single-flowered types at the young plant stage.
  • Bred for specific seasonal performance, the Aida, Carmen and Figaro series team up with the Opera (Vegmo) series to offer an outstanding lineup of greenhouse-grown selectable Matthiola varieties for year-round production. Transplanting for seasons earlier than listed will result in later flowering. All three series offer excellent seed quality.
  • Under northern European conditions, transplant Carmen varieties in March and April for flowering in June and July.