Jul 17, 2019  Week: 29

Dreamscape™ Deep Rose Cyclamen

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Scientific Name : Cyclamen persicum

Blooming Season : Autumn, Winter, Late Summer, Early Spring

Plant Habit : Upright

Spacing : 9 - 15" (23 - 38cm)

Height : 6 - 9" (15 - 23cm)

Width : 9 - 13" (23 - 33cm)

Exposure : Shade, Partial Sun

Grower Information : 
Seed supplied as: Raw.
Plug crop time: 8 to 9 weeks
Transplant to finish: 19 to 20 weeks

  • Dreamscape varieties are specially bred and selected to deliver the best outdoor performance of any cyclamen.
  • Pro landscapers and home gardeners alike can now confidently plant cyclamen in-ground and count on better, longer performance.
  • Sow all colours at the same time to ship and sell together.

Unique colour for outdoor and landscape use. The model for the series, Deep Rose is outstanding in landscape and garden beds.


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