Jan 23, 2019  Week: 4

Jams 'N Jellies™ American Pie Mixture Vinca

Scientific Name : Catharanthus roseus

Common Name : Upright Vinca

Hardiness Degree : 45°F (7.2°C)

Blooming Season : Late Spring, Summer, Late Summer

Plant Habit : Upright

Characteristics : Low Maintenance

Spacing : 10 - 12" (25 - 30cm)

Height : 14 - 16" (36 - 41cm)

Width : 10 - 12" (25 - 30cm)

Exposure : Sun

General Information : The two colours plus the mix are very unique to vinca. Season-long, high-impact colour addition for Summer gardens and containers. Loves the heat and is drought tolerant.

Landscape Tips : Jams 'N Jellies perform best in full sun and warm temperatures from late Spring through Summer. Soil shoud be well drained. Do not overwater and avoid night irrigation. Light to moderate feed program is recommended.

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