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Jan 29, 2023  Week: 4

Pineapple Surprise Coleus, Premium Sun

  • Coleus, Premium Sun Pineapple Surprise Bloom
  • Coleus, Premium Sun Pineapple Surprise Landscape

Scientific Name : Solenostemon scutellarioides

Common Name : Premium Sun Coleus

Hardiness Degree : 50°F (10.0°C)

Plant Habit : Upright

Characteristics : Colorful/Attractive Foliage, Shade Tolerant

Spacing : 12 - 16" (30 - 41cm)

Height : 18 - 26" (46 - 66cm)

Width : 18 - 22" (46 - 56cm)

Exposure : Sun

General Information : Mid-size landscape coleus with outstanding performance in sun and shade! Looks great even under hot, humid Summer conditions and has a high tolerance for Summer weather. The unique tricolor mosaic leaf pattern makes Pineapple Surprise extremely versatile – it complements a broad range of colors for great interest in landscape plantings as well as containers. Maintains distinct color and patterning all season, and is very late to flower for longer-lasting performance.

Landscape Tips : Proper planting exposure is very important to success. Pineapple Surprise has spectacular full sun performance in areas of high humidity only. Plant in part shade in arid locations with low humidity.

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