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Jan 27, 2023  Week: 4

Cool Wave® Pansy

The best pansy ever

Expand your selling opportunities in Spring and Fall. The Cool Wave series has redefined the entire pansy class. They beat other pansies hands down for vigour and overwintering.
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Cool Wave® Pansies for Spring and Fall

Cool Wave for Spring

Grab those early-bird gardeners!

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Cool Wave for Fall

These pansies are a decorator's dream.

Cool Wave Packaging

Contact your plastics supplier for a variety of packaging options to fit your program needs. Visit our Brand Support page to download signs and posters to sell Cool Wave Pansies.

Recommended Cool Wave Packaging:

4-in./10-cm Pots

6-in./15-cm Pots

Hanging Baskets of your choice

Cool Wave® Culture

Cool Wave Pansies
Production Handbook
Grower Facts: Fall Production
Grower Facts: Spring Production
Cool Wave Summer Production
for Fall Sales

retail brand support & signage

Download Cool Wave POP & Bench Cards