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Mar 29, 2023  Week: 13

Neo™ Rose Celosia

    Neo™ Rose Bloom

    Neo™ Rose Cutflower

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Scientific Name: Celosia cristata

Common Name: Cockscomb

Propagation Method: Seed

Form Supplied As: Pelleted

Cultivation Type: Greenhouse, High Tunnel

Planting Density: 64 to 80 plants/sq. metre (6 to 8 plants/sq. foot).

Usage: Secondary

Flower Color (primary): Pink/Rose

Foliage Color: Light Green

Grow Your Margin, Grow Your Sales. Neo lets you grow over a longer period through the year and yield more usable stems from every sq. meter/sq. foot. Ship out better quality C. cristata and give florists a product that’s easier to arrange and easier to sell. Less long-day sensitive, making it easier to produce over a longer period during the year for most growers. Features unique colours and a much better leaf habit. Easier to work with for bouquets or flower arrangements due to smaller leaves.

Tallest of the series. More rose color, bigger flower heads, lighter green stems and slower to flower than Neo Pink. 9-13 weeks transplant to finish.

Stem Length: 71 - 102cm (28 - 40")

Harvest Recommendation: Harvest stems as crest is almost completely full.

Post-Harvest Recommendation: Strip 50-75% foliage. Use distilled water; no need for hydration or holding solutions. Avoid cold storage if possible.

Vase Life Recommendation: 7-14 days


Protection Information : EU PBR43693

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