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QIS Pale Blue Limonium

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Scientific Name: Limonium sinuatum

Common Name: Statice

Propagation Method: Seed

Form Supplied As: Raw

Cultivation Type: High Tunnel, Field

Planting Density: 10 to 20 plants/sq. meter (1 to 2 plants/sq. foot).

Usage: Filler

Flower Color (primary): Blue

Flower Color (secondary): Blue

Foliage Color: Light Green

Widely recommended by professional cut flower growers in the world, QIS (‘Quality in Seed’) is a considerable improvement over standard seed varieties in uniformity, colour, flower size and stem quality. Produces clouds of tiny, non-shattering flowers. Delivers shipability and long vase life. Popular for both fresh and preserved cut flower production. Stiff stems do not require netting.

Stem Length: 76 - 89cm (30 - 35")

Harvest Recommendation: Harvest stems when 50% or more of florets are open, and sepals are coloured.

Post-Harvest Recommendation: Harvested stems should be placed in a hydration solution, then moved to a holding solution for best performance. Ethylene-inhibiting treatments are recommended. Make sure moisture on the stems is dried off prior to storage to prevent botrytis. Store at 3-5°C (36-41°F).

Vase Life Recommendation: Vase life average 8 days. Stems may also be dried.

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