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Mar 20, 2023  Week: 12

Column Stock Purple Heart Matthiola

    Column Stock Purple Heart Bloom

Grower Information:

Scientific Name: Matthiola incana

Common Name: Traditional Field-Grown Matthiola, Stock

Propagation Method: Seed

Form Supplied As: Raw

Cultivation Type: Field

Planting Density: 2.5 kg/hectare (2.2 lbs./acre).

Usage: Line

Flower Color (primary): Purple

Foliage Color: Medium Green

Column Stock will produce approximately 50% double-flowering plants. It is best suited for field production in mild climates.

Stem Length: 61 - 76cm (24 - 30")

Harvest Recommendation: Harvest when 3-5 florets have opened.

Post-Harvest Recommendation: Matthiola are sensitive to ethylene; it is recommended to treat with an ethylene-inhibiting product. Hydrate and store in a cooler at 1-3°C (34-38°F) in commercial floral holding solution at the manufacturer recommended rates.

Vase Life Recommendation: 5-8 days

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