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Maryland Yosemite Pink Snapdragon

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Scientific Name: Antirrhinum majus

Common Name: Snapdragon

Propagation Method: Seed

Form Supplied As: Raw

Cultivation Type: Greenhouse, High Tunnel

Planting Density: 85 to 106 plants/sq. meter (8 to 10 plants/sq. foot).

Usage: Line

Flower Color (primary): Pink/Rose

Foliage Color: Medium Green

Maryland is a group 2 snapdragon best for short days, moderate light levels and temperatures of 10-13°C (50-55°F).

Stem Length: 99 - 152cm (39 - 60")

Harvest Recommendation: Harvest stems when 5-6 florets have opened. Keep snapdragons vertical after harvest to prevent stems from curling.

Post-Harvest Recommendation: Snapdragons are sensitive to ethylene; it is recommended to treat with an ethylene-inhibiting product after harvest. Hydrate and store in a cooler at 2-5°C (36-41°F) in commercial floral holding solution at the manufacturer recommended rates. Always keep snapdragon stems vertical during storage.

Vase Life Recommendation: 7-10 days

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