Mar 7, 2021  Week: 9

ABC™ 3 White Lisianthus

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Scientific Name: Eustoma grandiflorum

Common Name: Double-Flowered Lisianthus

Propagation Method: Seed

Form Supplied As: Pelleted

Cultivation Type: Greenhouse, High Tunnel

Planting Density: 65 to 85 plants/sq. meter (6 to 8 plants/sq. foot).

Usage: Focal

Flower Color (primary): White/Cream

Foliage Color: Medium Green

ABC lisianthus have large double flowers and are ideally suited to tunnel and outdoor production. They have been bred and selected for reduced sensitivity to rosetting, resulting in less risk in production.

Stem Length: 91 - 114cm (36 - 45")

Harvest Recommendation: Harvest when the first flower has fully opened.

Post-Harvest Recommendation: Hydrate flowers with a floral hydration solution for one hour at room temperature. Store in a cooler at 2-5°C (36-41°F) in a commercial floral holding solution at the manufacturer recommended rates.

Vase Life Recommendation: 10-14 days


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