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Aug 10, 2022  Week: 32

Fireworks Gomphrena

    Gomphrena Fireworks Bloom

    Gomphrena Fireworks Cutflower

Grower Information:
Culture Research
Gomphrena Fireworks GrowerFacts Extra

Scientific Name: Gomphrena pulchella

Propagation Method: Seed

Form Supplied As: Coated

Cultivation Type: Greenhouse, High Tunnel, Field

Planting Density: 11 plants/sq. meter (1 plant/sq. foot).

Usage: Filler

Flower Color (primary): Pink/Rose

Vigorous, “tough as nails” plants are productive and make an excellent filler flower for mixed bouquets, fresh or dried. Easy to produce and suitable for field production.

Stem Length: 91 - 122cm (36 - 48")

Harvest Recommendation: Harvest when flower heads are sized up and in colour.

Post-Harvest Recommendation: Good-quality, clean water. No additional benefits from use of commercial floral solutions. Store at 3-4°C (36-41°F) if necessary for less than 7 days for best performance.

Vase Life Recommendation: 14-16 days