Oct 21, 2019  Week: 43

Wave® Plug & Play® Combos

Royal Sparkler

Easy Wave Burgundy Velour Petunia, Easy Wave Silver Petunia & Glitz Euphorbia

10 in./(25 cm)

12 in./(30 cm)

Transplant to finish: 8 weeks*
  Variety Seeds
per Cell
Plants per Pot Critical
10 in./
12 in./
Easy Wave Burgundy Velour Spreading Petunia 1 288 2 3 10.5 hrs.
Easy Wave Silver Spreading Petunia 1 288 2 3 10 hrs.
Glitz Euphorbia 1 128 3 4 Day Neutral
*Timing assumes the use of daylength extension or lighted plugs where needed, and active growing temperatures. All varieties in each Plug & Play combo must be transplanted at the same time in order to finish at the same time. Sow times will vary. NOTE: Individual varieties sold separately.