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Ornamental Mint Mini Mint Bloom Ornamental Mint Mini Mint Container

Ornamental Mint Mini Mint

Seed supplied as: Multi-Seed Pellets.
Plug crop time: 2 to 3 weeks
Transplant to finish: 3 to 4 weeks
  • Easy, economical way to grow and sell this attractive, highly fragrant groundcover or small potted plant. 
  • Each multi-seed pellet contains 8 to 12 seeds – one plug in a 4-in./10-cm pot delivers a nice fast fill. Can be direct sown. 
  • Eliminates dividing, rooting cuttings and broadcasting seed. 
  • Healthier, more uniform plants make great-looking 4-in./10-cm pots, mix components and garden specimens. Can also be marketed as a lawn replacement. 
NOTE: Leaves are non-toxic but do not have a palatable flavour.

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Plant Information

Scientific Name : Mentha requienii

Common Name : Corsican Mint

Hardiness Zone : 6a - 9b

Blooming Season : Summer

Plant Habit : Spreading

Spacing : 6 - 12" (15 - 30cm)

Height : 1 - 2" (3 - 5cm)

Width : 6 - 12" (15 - 30cm)

Exposure : Shade, Partial Sun

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