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Mon Amie Blue Bloom Mon Amie Blue Container Mon Amie Blue Landscape

Myosotis Mon Amie Blue

Seed supplied as: Raw.

Plug crop time: 4 weeks
Transplant to finish: 5 to 9 weeks

  • Send your crop to market 3 to 6 months earlier than biannual myosotis varieties, as no vernalisation is needed for flowering.
  • Can be a good choice for annual programs and can be reliably scheduled for Autumn or Spring.
  • Media/soil pH requirements are similar to Primula acaulis.

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Plant Information

Scientific Name : Myosotis sylvatica

Common Name : Forget-Me-Not

Hardiness Zone : 6a - 8b

Blooming Season : Early Spring, Spring

Plant Habit : Mounded

Spacing : 6 - 8" (15 - 20cm)

Height : 8 - 10" (20 - 25cm)

Width : 6 - 8" (15 - 20cm)

Exposure : Partial Sun, Sun

First-Year Flowering

'Mon Amie Blue'

Protection Information : US PVP200800070

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