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Lisianthus Can Can Carmine Rose

Seed supplied as: Pelleted.

Planting density: 8 plants/ft.2(84 plants/m2) Summer; 6 plants/ft.2(64 plants/m2) Winter
Best for: Greenhouse, high tunnel
Floral Selection Guide: Focal, Volume

Plug crop time: 8 to 10 weeks
Transplant to finish: Winter, 14 to 18 weeks; Spring/Autumn, 12 to 14 weeks; Summer, 10 to 12 weeks

  • A later-flowering, spray-type lisianthus with a highly filled flower in a deep purple-blue colour.
  • Produces a spray of flowers on the top of each stem that opens within a short window, giving a bouquet effect to every stem.
  • Labour savings with no pinching needed.
  • Full spray effect may reduce the number of stems needed for floral arrangements.

A deep, rich rose.

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Plant Information

Scientific Name : Eustoma grandiflorum

Common Name : Double-Flowered Lisianthus

Blooming Season : Early Spring, Spring, Late Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Late Summer

Plant Habit : Upright

Height : 36 - 45" (91 - 114cm)

Exposure : Partial Sun, Sun

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