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Jun 25, 2022  Week: 25

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Watch On Demand: FlowerStream

The full recording of the PanAmerican Seed FlowerSTREAM event.

Thank you for your continued interest in PanAmerican Seed. Our recording of FlowerSTREAM 2020 is here for your viewing pleasure and education. Please reach out to your Regional Area Manager with any questions about the latest introductions for the 2021 retail season.

(Original air date June 11, 2020. Approx. run-time 1 hour.)

Impatiens Beacon® (00:02:20)

Petunia Wave®
- Easy Wave® Rose Fusion
- Shock Wave® Purple Tie Dye

African Marigold Marvel II™ (00:18:44)

- Tattoo™ Blueberry and American Pie Mixture

- Valiant™ Magenta and Apricot Improved


Fantastic Foliage
- Celosia Sol™ Gekko Green and Lizzard Leaf

Angelonia Serena® and Serenita® (00:30:50)
Arabis Barranca™ Pink (00:36:25)
Aurinia Gold Rush (00:38:48)
Aquilegia Earlybird™ series (00:40:27)
Lobelia Starship™ (00:45:08)

Kitchen Minis® Collection
- Edible Potted Tomato Siam


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