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Wave® Petunias Celebrates 25 Years of Easy Spreading Color for Home Gardeners

Today, Wave offers gardeners four petunia collections, one pansy collection, and more than 60 colors and mixes to choose from.

WEST CHICAGO, IL (January 2020) — With a new decade in full bloom, the Wave® brand celebrates 25 years of providing gardeners with bold, care-free color to brighten outdoor spaces. It’s the flower brand known for offering a wide selection of colors and versatility in gardens, baskets and containers. The Wave spreading petunia was born in 1995 when a breeder for a Japanese beer company noticed a wild petunia growing in the field. After some fine-tuning, the fast-growing, trailing petunia went on to win high honors at the All-America Selections trials. All-America Selections tests never-before-sold varieties for home gardens across the country, and only the top performers are awarded the AAS Winner designation. Recognizing the amazing potential, flower breeding company PanAmerican Seed® partnered with Kirin Ichiban to produce and distribute what came to be known as Wave® Purple Classic around the world. The brand became a quick favorite for gardeners and landscape designers alike.

“Wave revolutionized the garden industry in 1995, with a plant so unique with its spread, long bloom time and exceptional weather tolerance, not to mention brilliant color,” says Diane Blazek, Executive Director of the National Garden Bureau, a 100-year-strong organization that works to inform and inspire home gardeners. “Wave has given gardeners the opportunity to personalize their outdoor space with ease and is continuing to enhance and create the best and most vibrant petunias.”

Following the success of Wave Purple Classic, new varieties were quickly introduced, including Tidal Wave®, Easy Wave® and Shock Wave®, offering gardeners more options in terms of size and color. The brand later developed a variety of easy-care combos and mixes for creating impressive containers and beds without the guesswork. In 2013, the ground-breaking Cool Wave® pansy was born. Delivering exceptional performance from store to garden and helping to extend gardening season, Cool Wave redefined the pansy class and became the first “non-petunia” product for the brand.

Today, Wave offers gardeners four petunia collections, one pansy collection, and more than 60 colors and mixes to choose from. After 25 years of inspiring gardeners, Wave continues to evolve with modern colors, gardening trends and projects, all while providing easy spreading color around the globe.

“We are proud and excited to celebrate this landmark achievement of 25 years of Wave,” says Claire Josephson, Wave Marketing Manager. “We look forward to providing our Wave Fans with another 25 years of reliable and colorful easy-to-grow flowers that add a big splash in the garden.”

For video tutorials, gardening tips, DIY projects, and even more inspiration, visit www.WaveGardening.com. Follow our year-long celebration on social at #HappyBirthdayWave.

The Wave Family has provided gardeners with easy spreading color since the introduction of Wave® Purple Classic in 1995. The four collections of petunias — original Wave®, Tidal Wave®, Easy Wave® and Shock Wave® — offer dramatic color, exceptionally long bloom time, and fantastic spreading and trailing habits for garden beds and containers. Joining the Wave Family in 2012, Cool Wave® Pansies provide the same vigorous spreading and trailing growth with the addition of hardiness and vibrant color during the cooler times of early spring and fall. For more information, visit wavegardening.com.