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Oct 6, 2022  Week: 40

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Pansy & Viola Trials - Autumn

Date: 9/26/2022 - 10/7/2022
Location: PanAmerican Seed Venhuizen, The Netherlands

Fall Violas & Pansies in our Greenhouse again!

Fall is around the corner and our greenhouse is filled with violas and pansies! PanAmerican Seed is presenting their assortment of large- and small-flowered violas at their location in The Netherlands during week 39-40. This includes the current commercial assortment and future varieties that are planned for introduction in the coming year(s). Other commercial varieties will be in the trial, too, to show a good comparison.

PanAmerican Seed has a complete assortment of pansy and violas for landscapes, gardens, baskets and containers. The assortment includes large-flowered pansies like Matrix®, Frizzle Sizzle and Cool Wave®, and small-flowered violas like Sorbet® (XP), Quicktime™ and Frizzle Sizzle Mini. These varieties are your top choices for Autumn and Spring planting. From small to large flowers and with upright or trailing habits, you will find an exciting range of core colours, novelties and mixes to meet your needs.

You are welcome to visit PanAmerican Seed’s Viola & Pansy Trials! Please contact your area manager to schedule your visit.

• Sjaak Ros

• Willa Jing You

• Sylvia Rocheteau

• Pavel Koltsov

• Anne Dekker

PanAmerican Seed Pansy & Viola Trials
Date: 26 September – 7 October, 2022
Location: Elbaweg 35, Venhuizen, The Netherlands

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