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Mar 29, 2023  Week: 13

Vegetative Dahlia Program

Kitchen Minis

More Information

If you’d like more information on our dahlia breeding, or on any of our PanAmerican Seed varieties, contact:

Mark Gross, Sales
Mobile: +1 (0) 630 234-4576

Jeroen Star, Sales
Mobile: +31 653 475 912

Find up-to-date information and culture on our vegetative dahlia breeding program here!

Expert Dahlia Breeding

With over 25 years’ experience, our expert team of PanAmerican Seed® breeders continue to improve our line of vegetative dahlias. We currently offer a full selection of potted, container and garden dahlias in a wide range of popular and unique novelty colours.

A Full Dahlia Assortment

We offer dahlia series with blooms in all sizes – small, medium, intermediate and large – for all your growing needs. Whether you are looking for the traditional flower form, pom pom, or spider dahlias, we’ve got them all right here.

Dahlia Assortments