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Gardens at Ball 2023 Tour (Video)

Sarah Makiejus - Global Marketing Manager
Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Follow along our tour through The Gardens at Ball with PanAmerican Seed. This growing season we’ve had some stand-out products that really turned heads, which will be featured in the videos below.

We had several landscape display areas each with a distinct theme. You’ll find our full garden tour right here with Saima Husain of PanAmerican Seed and Chris Fifo of Kieft Seed showing you the best-looking and newest varieties right here. Enjoy!

And to get the overall feel and design of PanAmerican Seed at The Gardens at Ball, we invite you to “walk” along with our immersive virtual map. Take your time, and keep it bookmarked!

Learn more about our new varieties:

Petchoa Caliburst Yellow The first seed petchoa on the market, Caliburst Yellow features a deep, rich yellow colour and is super for early season sales.

Impatiens Beacon Lipstick Gorgeous in the shade, Beacon Lipstick is a vivid bold colour that stands out in the landscape.

Impatiens Beacon Pearl Island Mix This shade mix contains an exclusive colour, Blue Pearl, which is not available anywhere else.

Premium Sun Coleus Coral Candy (AAS Winner) Stands out in the landscape, Coral Candy is the hot new coleus in the Sun Premium collection.

Begonia Hula Red and White Mix Its unique trailing habit with its mix of colours makes this Red and White Mix perfect for hanging baskets and early season sales.

Spreading Petunia E3 Easy Wave Sweet Taffy Mix Early, efficient and the evolution of Easy Wave. E3 Easy Wave Sweet Taffy Mix is a fun and playful combination of colours, including Rose Morn (not available separately).

Begonia Dragon Wing Pink Bronze Leaf The latest variety of bronze leaf begonia , Dragon Wing Pink delivers the same wonderful habit with a vibrant hue.

Begonia Dragon Wing Red Bronze Leaf Another addition to the bronze leaf begonia, Dragon Wing Red is a gorgeous complement shade in this collection.

Basil Everleaf Emerald Towers Our freshest basil towers over the rest. Remember that anything in the Everleaf series is late flowering.

Cuphea Sweet Talk Series This series is versatile and beautiful in any container or in the landscape, as well as in combos. Features Red, Deep Pink, and Lavender Splash.

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