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UGA Plant Of Distinction August 2021

Claire Josephson - former Marketing Manager
Monday, August 9, 2021

What a thrill to see our Interspecific Dianthus Jolt™ Purple win a designation of the University of Georgia's "Plants Of Distinction" call-out for the month of August! This trial is no joke: Plants that thrive in the heat, humidity and exposure of this location truly are top performers.

The judges commented on Jolt's ability to power through: "Loves the heat!" they said. They also observed how Jolt offered "long, strong stems nice for cutting and for landscapes." What a winner!

Jolt Purple is the latest color in this award-winning series. Its interspecific genetics give it the best of many worlds in terms of "shocking" summer color all season long. Learn more about this series at its product page, and make sure it's on your booking list for your next production schedule.

photo courtesy of University of Georgia Trials

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