Saturday, November 22, 2014
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Blutopia Bacopa


A Fantastic Flowers™ selection!

Imagine creating a growing “Utopia” right in your greenhouse! These first-ever bacopas from seed let you fully mechanize your bacopa production. Growing from seed assures easy crop scheduling, quick turns, no need for stock plant maintenance and no pinching. Blutopia has a mounded habit compared to slightly prostrate Snowtopia Improved. Excellent selections for 4.5-in./11-cm programs and 10 to 12-in./25 to 30-cm baskets, both are good outdoor performers in large planters and mixed containers. Supplied as multi-seed pellets to produce two or more seedlings per cell.

Eye-catching lavender-blue flowers are the same colour as traditional blue bacopa varieties. Habit is slightly more mounded than Snowtopia Improved. Excellent selections for baskets and planters, solo or in mixed combos. Seed is supplied as multi-seed pellets.

Key Tips : Use of PGRs or growing outdoors will give a much more controlled plant. Be sure to water MPL thoroughly and give light for best germination.
Other Info : Use primarily in baskets and container applications for best performance.

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