Sunday, November 23, 2014
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Mona Lisa™ Anemone


A Cool Season Thrivers selection!

Vibrant, 4 to 4.5-in. (10 to 12-cm) blooms top sturdy, thick stems, with up to 18 stems per plant per year on average. Ideal for cutting and design work. Also makes an excellent bedding plant for cool coastal climates, offered in large containers. Will flower under lower Winter light levels than other anemones. Ideally suited for young plant production from a March to April sowing in the Northern Hemisphere; a September to October sowing in the Southern Hemisphere. Low temperatures (46 to 54°F/8 to 12°C) promote optimum stem length for cut flower production. Compared with many other cool cut flower crops such as carnations, it is less labor-intensive, not requiring staking, netting or disbudding. Supplied as defuzzed seed.

Other Info : Ideally suited for young plant production from a March to June sowing in Northern Hemisphere for October through April season; a September to December sowing in Southern Hemisphere for April through October season.

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