Apr 23, 2017  Week: 16

Jua Maya Sunflower

Grower Information:
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Scientific Name : Helianthus annuus

Common Name : Sunflower

Plant Habit : Upright

Height : 36 - 60" (91 - 152cm)

Exposure : Sun

Grower Information : 
Seed supplied as: Treated.
Planting density: 6 to 9 days after seedlings emerge, thin to 4 to 5 plants/ft.2 (42 to 52 plant/m2)
Best for: High tunnel, field

Direct sow to finish (200-cell): 8.5 to 10.5 weeks

  • Jua varieties are bred to be less sensitive to cultural variations than traditional sunflowers.
  • Pollenless, fast-growing plants produce 3.5 to 4.75-in./9 to 14-cm flowers, complemented by smaller, deep green top leaves. 
  • Very good vase life. 
  • Height is dependent on culture.

Golden yellow petals with dark black centre.

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