Oct 23, 2016  Week: 42

Cucumber Patio Snacker

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Scientific Name : Cucumis sativus

Plant Habit : Climbing

Spacing : 6 - 12" (15 - 30cm)

Height : 36 - 60" (91 - 152cm)

Exposure : Sun

Grower Information : Supplied as raw seed.
Days from transplant to ripe fruit: 39

Controlled yet vigorous variety produces short, branching vines that make it a great fit into gardens or planters. ‘Patio Snacker’ can be sold in a large container with small trellis, and works well in pack/pot programs. The dark green-skinned fruit has good flavour, crunchy texture and non-bitter peel. Free-flowering, monoecious plants are high-yielding with continuous harvests.