Tuesday, October 21, 2014
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Easter Bonnet Lavender Alyssum

  Easter Bonnet Lavender Alyssum  

Scientific Name : Lobularia maritima
Common Name : Sweet Alyssum
Hardiness Degree" : 32°F (0.0°C)
Blooming Season : Early Spring, Spring
Plant Habit : Spreading, Trailing
Spacing : 10 - 14" (25 - 36cm)
Height : 4 - 10" (10 - 25cm)
Width : 10 - 12" (25 - 30cm)
Exposure : Sun
Grower Information

Now available in a full colour range, Easter Bonnet combines uniformity of habit and colour with unsurpassed earliness. Covered with dainty, fragrant flowers, plants stay compact and tidy much longer than other alyssums, making these excellent edging plants.

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